Bidden voor Europa

Gebed is onmisbaar voor het werk van Operatie Mobilisatie. Onderstaand een lijst met recente gebedspunten uit velden in Europa.

Life at Lacken: Operations • Ireland • 13-May-2017

Catch a realistic glimpse at life in our Operations Department. Want to use your hands in ministry? Read here!

21st Century technology brings truth closer • United Kingdom • 21-Apr-2017

A new partner ministry broadcasting Urdu-speaking programmes to 360+ million who speak it, is giving them hope for eternity.

New translations to save our sisters • Austria • 23-Feb-2017

OM EAST is preparing to publish Deborah Meroff’s 'Save our Sisters' in a further six languages for distribution in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Et après? (and after?) • France • 13-Apr-2016

Hindsight is, as they say, 20:20. It’s usually easier to see, after the event, what should have been done to prevent it from happening. But whether this is true for the recent tragic events in Paris is a case for argument.