Bidden voor Afrika

Gebed is onmisbaar voor het werk van Operatie Mobilisatie. Onderstaand een lijst met recente gebedspunten uit velden in Afrika.

Healed eyes • South Africa • 15-Jun-2017

During an outreach God used the MDT team to intervene for a young girl who went away praising God.

Praying in the city • North Africa • 01-Jun-2017

Prayer walking in a North African city brings some encouraging insights for a long term worker and her daughter

Connecting with God in prayer • South Africa • 31-May-2017

During an outreach to Lesotho an MDT team meets an older man during door-to-door ministry and invites him to their daily prayer meeting.

The gift that keeps on giving • Egypt • 13-Jan-2016

A miraculous multiplication of gifts in Egypt during Christmas outreach event.

Ten years later hearts are changing • North Africa • 23-Sep-2015

After 10 years in North Africa, an OM worker sees a change in the hearts of neighbours and friends.